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ディアマント 封孔処理/ 気密保持剤 ディヒトール / Diamant Dichtol


<Product description>
Dichtol is a highly flexible and ready for use 1-component-system which can be use-orientated
formulated. The easy and versatile application of Dichtol (dipping, brushing, injecting, spraying)
allows a reliable impregnation – even on complex structures. Regardless of whether small or
large pores – impregnates form-locking and restores the pressure tightness of castings. The
polymeric material has been formulated for the needs of the foundry industry and is therefore
specifically resistant to physical, thermal and chemical stress. In contrast to welding the
material is extremely gentle to castings and enhances the surface and varnish properties of
castings. By using Dichtol you minimize costs and thereby increase the profitability of your