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ディアマント 液体手袋 / Diamant Liquid glove


ドイツ ディアマント社から来た金属補修剤 「液体手袋」
Dermatorogical and neutral skin protector DIAMANT Liquid glove from Germany
DIAMANT liquid glove is an optimum, dermatologically neutral skin protection being put onto the
skin as an invisible protection film non-watery working areas. Does away with sweating as
plastic gloves will do. Mainly against:
resins, glues of all kind, foams,epoxies, solvents, printing inks,benzine, gasoline, oil, grease,
tarr, paints (except water-soluble ones)
DIAMANT liquid glove prohibits finger prints (grease- and sweat remainders) on all surface
which must be metallically clean such as when coating, tinning, welding, painting, galvanising, …

DIAMANT liquid glove is biologically decomposable for more than 85%, the remainders being
environmentally neutral (chemically inert) – thus, DIAMANT liquid glove can be washed off
under tap water.