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ディアマント 金属補修剤 ムルチメタル / Diamant Multi Metal


ドイツ ディアマント社から来た金属補修剤「ムルチメタル」               


油送管・吐出管・排水管等の修理、鋳鉄の 巣・空洞等は勿論
工材の固定、木と 金属の固定等に。
Cold welding & metal repair epoxy DIAMANT Multi Metal from
Multi Metal is a highly resistant 2-component repair system. The
epoxy is characterized by a not measureable shrinkage as well
as an extended processing time. For smaller repairs we
recommend our product Plastic Metal Besides the superior
product characteristics – Multi Metal allows you to realize
force-fitting metal repairs without adding heat to the metal. In
this context we call these repairs “cold welding” but in contrast
to welding no costly accessories are needed. Additionally you
avoid stress crackings and deformation of the casting by
using the cold welding method.


Multi Metal properties

Resistant against chemical and physical influences Machines like metal: file, mill, turn, bore, thread cutting, polish

(DIAMANT ceram versions are limitedly machineable)

Perfect metallike character (contains up to 90% metal fillers)

Minimal shrinkage = ideal to use for large areas,

Long pot life, short cure time

High mechanical strength values

Viscosities between dripproof (for overhead applications) to fluid (to inject)