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ディアマント 高温耐火材料 アイロンセメント / Diamant Iron Cement



ディアマント 高温耐火材料 アイロンセメント
Extremely high temperature coating fireresistant paste DIAMANT Iron Cement
Iron Cement is a physiologically harmless fire resistant paste for temperatures up to +1.600°C

ディアマント アイロンセメントはインゴットモールドのコーナー等に簡単に塗布できるよう
厚さ約2~3 mm程度塗布してご使用ください。
DIAMANT iron cement is a ready for use paste which is simply applied by finger laying a fillet
into the ingot mold corners.

After cure,
DIAMANT iron cement protects the ingot mould against thje hot, abrasive steel pouring.

DIAMANT iron cement is applied before each new pouring like an approx. 2-3 mm thick fillet
into the mould corners.
Moreover, DIAMANT iron cement can be applied for:
sealing of continuous steel pouring machines and asfire resistant coating for heating ovens,
open fireplaces etc.